Machine Memory 

Technology not only brings us opportunities for visual and aural discovery, but also reminds us of its limitations. One technological limitation I like to explore is information archive. How much can we archive? How long will this storage last? VHS tapes are deteriorating, floppy discs are obsolete, and hard drives only have so much space... My film installation Machine Memory encompasses this thought, and alludes to the notion that we are not unlike these hard drives. We are just as fragile. I have forgotten many things from my childhood, and I continue to do so. There is just too much information to grasp in this world that some memories are bound to be lost forever.

My installation consists of a film loop and two computers recording this visual information in real time via two cameras. Once the hard drive is out of room, it will let us know in the form of a text pop-up on the screen. The viewer is able to see this sculpture evolve over time. At first, they see a stable DIY film telecine process; and then, as result of the film continually looping, the hard drives begin to start overloading. One pop-up will happen and then the others - - - No More Disk Space.